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Fido's FAT to Fit Program

Melissa Morrison offers you step-by-step strategies she has used to help many dogs lose weight and puts them in one convenient program.


It contains everything you need to put your pet on the fast track to better health. The program includes nine personal coaching sessions with Melissa to evaluate your dog’s particular situation. Then she designs a customized weight loss plan for your pet.

Fido's FAT to Fit Program

$200.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
  • Coaching Sessions

    Two 50-minute coaching sessions with Melissa via phone or Skype.


    Customized Weight Loss Plan

    A fully customized weight loss program that includes nutrition and exercise plans and a goal chart (one per pet).


    Fido’s FAT to Fit™ Manual

    Your personalized guide that takes you through the program week by week and contains the tips, tricks and tools you need to know to help your pet successfully lose weight.



    To help aid in your pet’s weight loss. 


    Recipe Book

    Loaded with healthy and easy-to-make dishes (many of them are for humans, too. That means you and your pet can get healthy together!).


    Shopping Lists

    Healthy Snack Shopping Lists and cheat sheets you need to make the healthy transition for your pet easy as easy as 1-2-3. 


    Food Transition Plan

    You'll receive a day-by-day meal plan with exact amounts you need to feed of current and new foods until your dog is fully transitioned to the new healthy diet.


    Help Pinpoint Food Sensitivities

    Whether your dog suffers from a chicken or grain allergy (or something else) we'll pinpoint exactly what it is and understand why how to avoid triggering an allergic reaction.


    Information & Handouts

    We provide you with information on lifestyle treatments, ideas and life hacks to promote healthy pet weight loss; food treatments that support your pet’s internal healing; and supplements that promote health and vitality


    Email Support

    Reach out to Melissa for support at any time. We love to help!

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