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Fido's FAT to Fit™

Discover How to Take Your Beloved Dog from Hefty to Healthy – From Fluffy to Fit Using Safe, Simple, Proven Effective Techniques!

Experts tell us that overweight dogs live shorter life spans than thinner dogs as well which means that obesity is as dangerous for dogs as it is for humans and that heavier dogs also interact with their families less and are not as energetic and playful as dogs that are more fit.

Did you know, overweight dogs are more prone to health problems such as:

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Heart disease

  • Arthritis

  • Painful joints

  • Joint injuries

  • High blood pressure

  • Cancer

  • Shorter life spans

Losing Weight Isn't Any Easier for Dogs Than It Is For Humans!  That’s true, but just as with humans there are things you can do to help your dog get in shape and lose weight without starving him to death and without carving time out of your already busy schedule to help him exercise for hours a day.

Has your vet told you to put your dog on a diet and get her some exercise?

Help your pet get healthy through our Fido’s FAT to Fit™ Program 

Introducing Fido’s FAT to Fit™ Program

Here’s what I’ve done for you and your pup!  I’ve taken the step-by-step strategies that I’ve used to help numerous other dogs lose weight and I’ve put them in one convenient program so that you will have everything you need to put your pet on the fast track to better health.  In fact, this program includes one-on-one personal coaching sessions with me in which we’ll look at your dog’s particular situation and I’ll provide a customized nutrition and weight loss plan for your dog.   We will also work closely with your dog’s personal veterinarian for weight checks, body scoring conditioning and general oversite while on the program. 

Highlights of this program give you a chance to discover:

  • How to avoid the costly mistakes and errors that cause so many pet owners to be a leading reason why their dog is not able to lose weight!


  • The truth about how much exercise your dog really needs to lose weight … and when he or she should do it for maximum impact!


  • How to set weight loss goals for your pet and then not only achieve them but exceed them!


  • Why a super strict diet can actually slow your dog’s metabolism and keep it from losing weight!


  • What to feed your dog and what not to feed it – what you learn here may shock you!


  • Why so many dogs today are overweight and how you can be sure that you dog is one of the lucky ones who is able to lose weight and keep it off for good!


  • And much, much more! 

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