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What pet owners and veterinarians say about


and Melissa Morrison

Cocker Spaniel

“I’m really glad that I turned to Melissa and her Fido’s FAT to Fit™ program for help with my Bella. Melissa taught me a lot about what’s really in the bag of kibble I was feeding and how it could be the cause of Bella’s weight gain and allergies.  Melissa’s fitness and nutrition plan took care of Bella’s weight issue in no time. Plus, now we know everything we need to in order to help her maintain her sleek figure including how to give Bella “healthy” treats rather than high calorie, processed treats. Highly recommended!”​

M. Gastelum

Bella, Cocker Spaniel, 11 Pounds Lost

Dog weight loss
Overweight dog

"Melissa comes from the pet parent point of view.  Just like them, she was exactly in their shoes with her own pets and I see the way my clients respond to Melissa much differently knowing that she understands the helplessness these pet owners are feeling. Melissa is not the “white coat” authority that pet owners may feel is judging them. Melissa is a pet parent who can help them recognize and address the fact that their pet is suffering needlessly. Melissa’s programs offer hope and the promise of change, and in this busy world we have found that is a huge relief for these loving pet parents struggling with their pet’s weight.." 

Dr. Christopher Berg

DVM RRVH, Southern California

“It can be hard to know exactly where to start when you realize your pet is overweight and that something needs to change, but working with Melissa at Fur Fitness really made it easy with her various nutrition and fitness plans and her endless encouragement. What Melissa really helped me understand is that my sweet boy wasn’t “begging” or starving for food. He was begging for my attention. I’m convinced that this was the best thing I could have done for Einstein (and me) and I strongly encourage others to look into the service.”

Debbie D.

Einstein - Lost 12.8 lbs.

“We didn’t quite realize the extent of it, but we quickly came to find out our family dog, Rocky was extremely overweight.  Since we enrolled him in Fido’s from FAT to Fit™ program, Rocky has a whole new lease on life. He’s more active, he’s happy, and he was able to get the surgery he needed on his back leg.  Melissa Morrison at Fur Fitness inspired our whole family to feed and treat Rocky in a healthier way which transformed his overall health and we believe saved Rocky’s life. We would absolutely recommend this service for other pets in Rocky’s position!”

C. Massie

Rocky - Lost 46.1 lbs

“It’s been really tough getting Cruiser’s weight in check once and for all since I work long hours at my home office, but Melissa Morrison of Fur Fitness really made a huge difference. Not only is his weight down where it needs to be, but he’s healthier and happier in ways I didn’t expect, too.  Now Cruiser and I make time for daily park visits so he can exercise and I can clear my head.  Overall, I’m very pleased with the results for sure!”

Debbie D.
Crusier - Lost 27.3 lbs

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