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Meet Melissa

Melissa Morrison

Hi! I'm

Affectionately known as the “Fat Dog Coach” and some have even called me the Jenny Craig of the pet obesity epidemic.

I am the passionate health and weight loss coach behind Fur Fitness.  I didn’t set out to become this type of health coach. I just simply fell in love with this new role of helping dogs’ and their pet parents I’ve have never looked back. 


You see, after having encountered skin, coat and joint issues, digestive dilemmas and excess weight problems with my own dogs, I originally set out to learn more about pet health to improve the quality of life for my own pack of pups.  But while forging through masses of information on pet health, nutrition, products, recommendations, myths and misconceptions I came across a major epidemic — pet obesity — and the lack of understanding and exposure this huge problem receives.  In all honesty, I was shocked by the pet obesity statistics and perplexed by much of the conflicting nutrition information I came across.

When you read facts that an estimated 58% of Cats and 54% of Dogs in the United States are overweight or obese and that pet obesity has become an “epidemic” you can’t help but want to get involved and make a change.  So that’s what I did.  I quickly recognized the importance of sharing what I was learning with my pet parent peers, so I created a comprehensive education and service based initiative to take on the pet obesity epidemic.

My vet thinks my dog is overweight

Learn how your dog can benefit from Fido's FAT to Fit™ Program

When it comes to helping overweight dogs discover a new lease on life, I am uniquely qualified to help change lives.  While I am not a veterinarian I do work closely with each of my client’s veterinarians to foster an open dialogue about pet obesity while offering proven solutions to combat it. 


As a certified health coach (AADP) and weight loss enthusiast, my family and I are living proof that the programs and health values I advocate for my clients work and yield results.  I received my training in Eastern/Western Nutrition and Holistic Health from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and I have completed numerous courses on animal nutrition and exercise.  I believe this training has allowed me to develop a much deeper understanding of the relationship between human lifestyle choices paired with different types of foods which ultimately lead pet parents to overfeed and over treat their dogs. 

My programs are not only approachable to professionals and pet parents alike, but they are also highly inspirational and motivational to boot.   I developed a veterinary approved fitness program and science-based nutrition plan along with appropriately safe weight loss schedule specifically designed for overweight dogs’ and long-term weight management.   This program isn’t a one-size fit all.  Every dog’s needs are different and taken into account when creating the personalized program. 

If you're ready to get started click here and let our journey begin.

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